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 Welcome on Sirens Island

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PostSubject: Welcome on Sirens Island   Sat 19 Mar 2011, 8:29 am

This blog has been thought after Rori' blog was off line during a few hours and also after a thread became so long that it could not load on mobile phones, or even on a speedy strong computer.

I thought we could have a back up forum for time of emergency. Also for the topics forbidden on Rori's blog like religion, abortion and whatever.
Feel free to open a topic in the category "Miscellaneous".

Open a topic to tell your story or to ask a question in the forum "Sirens Stories", and to give information in the forum "Data Gathering", both forum under the category "Relationships".

If you wish for more categories, please submit your idea in the category "Suggestions".

This is a female island where gentlemen are welcome.

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Welcome on Sirens Island
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